Our Research & Development

Leading in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research.


The research and development arm of Hovid has always been a proud asset of ours. Our team continuously drives innovation not only in pharmaceutical formulations, but even in nutraceuticals.

Having recognized strong R & D capabilities to be a strong pillar towards the growth of Hovid, the R & D team strives for continuous innovation.

It is no wonder then that Hovid's innovation has won the company pioneer status in being the first in the world and in Malaysia to introduce many formulations/processes.


Continuing in this endeavor to improve people’s heath, Hovid allocates a substantial percentage of its revenue into research and development annually. With the largest R&D staff strength in Malaysia where more than 20 professional scientists and lab executives work constantly on developing new products and special delivery systems, an average of 12 new products are launched annually. Hovid has developed technologies that are patented both locally and internationally.

A number of our research findings are published in well-established international scientific journals. We take pride in our research and share the knowledge with other scientists by presenting our findings in conferences and scientific meetings. Crucially, Hovid is fully supported by the strong linkages with a number of prestigious universities and institutions, dedicated and highly qualified in-house researchers and collaborations with scientists around the world.

Apart from pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research, Hovid is involved in various clinical trials internationally in an effort to continuously improve our customers' health. In fact, Hovid has filed patents in several countries and conducted numerous clinical and efficacy studies in several universities around the globe. Some of the research centers and bodies participating in tocotrienols studies for neuro-protection, cardio protection, and anti cancer studies are:

Ohio State University Medical Center, USA
Kyoto University, Japan
Universiti Malaya (National University of Malaysia)
Universiti Sains Malaysia (University of Science Malaysia)
Malaysian Palm Oil Board

Hovid has evolved by having very stringent research ethics matched with a strong R&D team who has immense capabilities. Hovid has grown from a one product company Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea; to one with more than 350 products over the past 30 years. It strongly believes that Hovid’s innovation capabilities and holding the motto of “Continuous Innovation & Quality” which is keeping it competitive on the global scale.