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Dating back to early 1940s, when the business was first established, Hovid’s only commodity was Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea, concocted by its founder, Dr. Ho Kai Cheong. With the intention of helping people, Dr. Ho Kai Cheong formulated a unique concoction of 24 specially chosen herbs and developed Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea. It was a popular alternative to western medicine during post world war II with its cooling and anti viral properties. The Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea was the most sought after solution during the worldwide flu epidemic in 1950s. Since then, Ho Yan Hor has become a household name. After 70 years, Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea still remains a favorite among many as a natural herbal beverage.

In the 1980s, along with his father’s success, Mr David Ho, as a well trained pharmacist, led Hovid into a new chapter of manufacturing excellence. Armed with expertise in pharmacy with strong passion of entrepreneurship, David ventured into mainstream medical approaches. From that point on, Hovid grew to become one of Malaysia’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers of high quality and innovative medicinal preparations and health supplements with more than 350 products distributed over 50 countries globally. Listed on the Main Board of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Hovid spells familiarity and quality among healthcare providers. With the various divisions in the organization that have been established through years of experience, we are able to deliver speed, excellence and above all, “Continuous Innovation and Quality”.

You could visit Hovid's website at www.hovid.com for more information.

David Ho | Managing Director


Hovid, a Malaysian pharmaceutical company that is active in the development and manufacturing of the pharmaceutical specialties. We are proud of our patented SupraBioTM delivery system and its continuous research and development to develop the technologies to improve the bio-availability.

At Hovid, we strive to make quality, reliability and innovation as our business culture. Innovation is the key to our growth and excellent customer service is our priority; as we are committed to delivery the quality products on time with good service.

Our goal is to be a major manufacturer and distributor of the superior pharmaceutical and health products to both local and global market. Your feedback and comment are always welcome and appreciated as Hovid is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our businesses.

Hovid emphasizes on developing the full potential of our employees by providing the opportunities and professional training to enhance their skills and know-how. We believe that having the right people with us, we are able to play our role more effectively as a reliable healthcare provider.


The company's reputation for pioneering and technological advancements has scored many FIRSTS:

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