Tocovid SupraBioTM

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30 Softgels in bottle; Reddish Brown Capsule

Tocovid SupraBioTM 200mg

Therapeutic Protection

For high stroke risks people with :

  •   Hypertension
  •   Diabetes
  •   High Cholesterol
  •   Obesity
  •   Family history of stroke


Other Medical Conditions such as:

  •   Post stroke – to prevent recurrent and promote recovery
  •   Alzheimer’s or Dementia – people with family history
  •   Fatty liver disease and Impaired liver functions


Tocotrienols contents

Other Ingredient

  1. d-Alpha-Tocotrienol 61.52mg
  2. d-Gamma-Tocotrienol 112.80mg
  3. d-Delta-Tocotrienol 25.68mg
  4. d-Alpha-Tocopherol 91.60IU
  5. Plant Squalene 51.28mg
  6. Phytosterol Complex 20.48mg
  7. Phytocarotenoid Complex 360.00ug

Usage Direction:
One capsule, twice daily after meal