Tocovid SupraBioTM

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30 or 60 Softgels in alu-alu blister pack (3 X 10s or 6 x 10s) in unit box; Reddish brown Capsule.

Tocovid SupraBioTM 50mg

General Health Protection

For high stroke risks people with :

  •   Increase antioxidant functions storage at adipose tissue and reduces body’s free radicals accumulation and build up
  •   Protect skin from aging caused by external and internal oxidative damages
  •   Improves liver’s oxidation and detoxification process
  •   Oxidative protection for a healthy heart and blood circulation
  •   Reduce oxidative damages and protect brain functions


Tocotrienols contents

Other Ingredient

  1. d-Alpha-Tocotrienol 30.76mg
  2. d-Delta-Tocotrienol 12.84mg
  3. Plant Squalene 25.64mg
  4. Phytocarotenoid Complex 180.00ug
  5. d-Gamma-Tocotrienol 56.40mg
  6. d-Alpha-Tocopherol 45.80IU
  7. Phytosterol Complex 10.24mg

Usage Direction:
Take one capsule twice a day after meal