Tocovid SupraBioTM

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1 canister contains 850g. Contain either Vanilla flavor or Yam Flavor

Tocovid Vitality 850g

Nutritional Drink

For Active Brain and Robust Energy 

  • Tocovid Vitality is a complete nutritional daily drink which not just help to energize the body for you to feel more energetic, it also contains a unique ingredient, palm Tocotrienols,  a natural extract from red palm oil which has proven benefits for brain cells protection1 and it is clinically proven to help to slow down the progression of aging brain and reduces risk of stroke and dementia.  


Tocovid Vitality formulation is uniquely formulated to offer you a complete nutrition with :

  •     28 vitamins and minerals - to ensure maximum health
  •   High in calcium - to strengthen bones 
  •   High in protein - to build muscle and strength
    •   Soluble fibres - aid bowel movement
    •   Low sugar and Low fat healthy drink



Usage Direction:
Take 5 scoops in 200 ml of luke warm water.

Recommeded 2 servings a day.


Tocovid Vitality is available at :

Nationwide in Malaysia: