Tocovid SupraBioTM

Patented SupraBioTM Delivery System


With SupraBioTM technology, the compound inside the soft gelatin capsule form an emulsion instantly and automatically dispose and dissolve upon contact with fluid in our stomach. This is a breakthrough technology in product formulation, allowing a more consistent and complete palm tocotrienols absorption, is no longer dependent on food and fat intake. The patented formulation successfully brings you the highest bioavailability palm tocotrienols formulation in the market.

Clinically proven to reach your brain

At nanomolar concentration, consuming palm tocotrienols orally could reach your brain and exert high neuroprotection.

300% Absorption

SupraBioTM is a patented formulation offering a unique self-emulsifying system to increase palm tocotrienols absorption by 300% compared to conventional formulas.

Assured anytime best absorption

With the SupraBioTM system, palm tocotrienols intake is rapid and consistent; and is no longer dependent on food to improve its absorption.